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Overhead fence.

Barry Irby
I know your internet connection runs on Kerosene and you haven't trimmed the wick lately...

The overhead fence works like this. You attach a long scrap of wood to your fence elevated above the table a bit higher than the thickness of your piece you are trimming. You position the fence and raise your running blade into the scrap so the outside edge of the blade is flush with the outside edge of the scrap.

You cut your pattern (or you first piece) and attach it to the top of your blank. Precut the blank close to size, but slightly oversized. Slide the pair across the table saw with the pattern on top and rubbing the Pattern on the fence. The blade will cut the oversized part off neatly. You can adjust The cut to leave a hair behind if you want. This is something easier to do than describe.

You don't even need a complete pattern. Just attach a straight edge where you want cut.

OTOH, in your case, you have the skills to make them one at a time and then make them match. If you were making ten or fifty it might be worth patterning them, but for three or four, maybe not.

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