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Re: WOW, all those answers, and nobody

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I grew up in a family of carpenters. The "Skill" saw was aptly named for what they could do with it. I recall asking my uncle how he cut a 2 x 6 mitered maple trim piece in some site built kitchen cabinets. He looked puzzled....the skill saw of course.

Unfortunately the skill saw gene was not fully expressed in my genetic code. My son in law marvels at how I can do fiddly hand tool work and can't cut a 2 x 4 with a skill saw without binding. He has given up asking me to cut something when we are doing construction together. However, I can kiss a fine pencil line with a band saw using the same technique you describe for the Skill saw.

I have never done any pattern routing. Chicken and egg. I don't, hence I don't. If I did, I could. If I can make the pattern by some means I can stack 3 of these triangles and make what I need by the same means. Done.

"Bill I think I mentioned before that I would square off the ends of those 45* ends." My drawings should not be taken too literally. These 6- sided "triangles" will dado into the 5 posts. I usually draw a scaled drawing to get the shape. In my working notebook I do detailed sketches of the joinery details and final parts dimensions and machining.

"If your going to try to light the inside, " Good idea but daughter was emphatic that this piece is to be a storage cupboard not a display cupboard. That said, it might be a display cupboard some day so your idea needs consideration.

"Oh and one last thing. I think I recall your drawing showed a 1/4” back." The back is a structural 7+/-" post (currently deciding that size detail). Sides will likely be beaded board and batten- cherry or painted.

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