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WOW, all those answers, and nobody

Keith Newton
Would just mark it off then cut to the line with a hand held circular saw.?

Maybe I’m just too old school, having about fifty years of carpentry under my belt. Guys, it isn’t that hard to just cut down one side of a fine pencil line by eye if you put about a tenth as much effort to learning to as you do fine tuning your plane collection. Hint: you don’t do it by looking at the front of the base. You look around the back side. If the blade starts to wander off, don’t try to muscle it back over, just back up enough to get back on then go forward again.

Bill I think I mentioned before that I would square off the ends of those 45* ends. Leaving them sharp doesn’t give you anything to attach the ends to but the front styles, and there isn’t much for them either. Your not loosing any real space inside, because nothing is going to fit into those low angle corners anyway.

If your going to try to light the inside, whether glass shelves or not, you might plow a groove up the back of the styles for a strip so the light gets to the lower shelves. If you just light it from the top, everything else falls in the shadow of whatever is on the top shelf.

Oh and one last thing. I think I recall your drawing showed a 1/4” back. I would bump that up to at least 1/2”. If your intending to use adjustable shelves, you’ll need more thickness for the pins, and it will help out on the outside corners too.

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