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Very Carefully....

Barry Irby
I have not made friends with my poor collection of planes, so that would never occur to me. Might work well if you have the planes and the skills.

I would probably do it as Dick describes. Make one and use it as a router pattern for the others. One thing no one mentioned is that he angled ends are going to be close to end grain. For the router, one will be better and one worse. So either cut one form one side and one for the other to get a favorable grain direction or switch from a top bit to a bottom bearing bit to be able to leave the pattern in place.

I have a track saw and I might be tempted to use that. You can make a home made track or just use a straight edge.

You can also set up a straight edge for a router and do a nice job. You can use a straight edge and run the base of the router next to it or you can use a bushing to guide the router. With a good straightedge you can cut away the waste up to a line and assuming the straightedge does not move you can make as many passes as you need to get a perfect edge.

Chippendale and Godard did it on a CNC.

With an upper and lower cabinet, don't you need at least Four?

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