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Need suggestions for this simple joint

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I am currently in project freeze. I'm not sure how I should do this simple joint.
Looking for suggestions.

This is for a bookcase I am making for my son. Based on an article in the January/February 2003 issue of FWW.

This little DT is on the front lower rail and connects the left and right lower side rails on the front of the bookcase. The back lower rail is M&T'd into the back posts.

Should I, using some sort of jig, just route out the socket on the rail and creep up on a good fit on the tail?

The first pic shows the tail as 1" wide . I messed up and have only 5/8" wide to work with.
I'm half temped to use pocket screws... :) Kidding. Kinda.

I have made so many mistakes on this I can't wait to get it done. At least the panel glue-up went well. My M&T's at each corner are not that great - well not that bad but it seems to me like there isn't a whole lot of glue surface. I am going to screw in corner blocks on each corner just for added strength.


#2 The tenons have not been cut to length yet and are not the 1" wide thickness shown in pic #1.


Thanks for any feedback.

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