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Re: Corner Cupboard Rev 1 ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
40" total projected width, 78" height. As shown the drawer top is 34" fom the floor. It is being lowered in REV2 as we speak.

The angle of the photograph of the print makes the top look a bit shorter than on paper. I can't scan anything as big as the drawing 1/4" scale.

Verticals are more narrow than traditional to lighten up the design.

It does need to fit in a space. 40" width is ideal for the space. Height set by wanting to put stuff on the top of it. Dining area is small and the risk is overpowering the area with this cupboard. Size mock up is being done to confirm overall dimensions.

I would be delighted to be building a traditional piece with coped divided glass and traditional moldings. The myriad of dimension and shape decisions would come more naturally. But that was not the style selected. I am ok with what was chosen and I will try to make it as attractive as I can. You all are helping.

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