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Hank Knight
Tom, I didn't mean to ignore your question. We were out of town yesterday and today and I wasn't able to check this site. William pretty much nailed the answer I would have given you. My scraper plane is a Lie-Nielsen 112. I don't use it very often, but on really difficult curly woods, like curly maple, it's invaluable. As William said, the sharpening, honing angle is not critical; the blade angle of attack is adjustable on the plane, so the honing angle is not critical. I sharpen my blade at 45 degrees, hone it and turn a VERY SLIGHT burr (some users argue that a burr is unnecessary, but I've always done it). I then take a few swipes with the blade as I would with a card scraper to determine the best angle of attack. I put the blade in the plane and set it at that angle. It's a guess at that point. I usually have to fiddle with it to get the angle right. When it starts taking fine shaving, I lock it down. Someone also suggested a Stanley #80. I use those too. I find them really simple to use and they do a good job. For larger surfaces, however, I don't think you can beat a 112. I don't own any Veritas planes, but I understand they are excellent. I think either one would serve you very well. Hope this helps. Good luck with your project.

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