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In certain cases, but it doesn't always guarantee perfection. So you would end up with some of the most disastrous public housing projects of all time on that basis. And then again how do you deal with ornament. Well maybe ornament goes back to the Golden Section and that is the functional repeating element in a sea shell. Sea shells are functional but kinda distant from ornamentation.

Also while FFF doesn't best explain fins on cars. Every functionally beautiful, say sports car, the designers thought they understood function, but the evolution of the automobile proved otherwise. There seems to be a built in bias to the fact that we actually understand what is functional. Like say a functionally elaborated wooden plane made in the West versus a Japanese plane. One overemphasizes the blade, and the other the handle. Some of the function of the Japanese plane relates to sediments from which they could develop great sharpening stones, which is good luck for them but points out the essentially random nature of function. Morse when he saw the Japanese plane in use clearly thought it the most basic and functional plane he had ever seen, and that Western carpenters should have taken not (had they known back then). How was he to know it evolved from the clash of cultures that led to the Westernization of Japan the banning of the sword, and the emergence of a tool fetish culture.

Or take the Japanese chisel which is clearly superior, in FFF terms, particularly in traditional times, to anything made in the west then or now. However, it could be argued that it overshoots the mark substantially. I have multiple sets of Japanese tools, but they don't add anything functionally to chopping dovetails in pine through cherry. In the sense that if you put them in the hands of someone like Klauzs, I don't think he would cut joints any faster. Even if he had to sharpen. Best thing about using them might be that by the time you learn the intricacies you have become pretty skilled with tools. Admittedly in metal work.

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