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Re: Quiz: What's wrong with this picture?

John Veerkamp
I know exactly how you feel Ellis. When we downsized and moved from our place a year and a half ago , I sold all of my "flat work" machines and accessories for pennies on the dollar. I also sold (donated) about 1000 BF of rough sawn hardwood including oak, cherry, hickory and walnut for $200. At least it went to a good cause, a local High School wood working program. I did keep my lathe and tools and about 1000. lbs of turning blanks. Moving after 40 years was tough, but in retrospect it was time. We need to move into the next phase of life with optimism. Still lots of nostalgia for what we had built, but no real regrets for moving on when we still could adapt to out new life.

Enjoy this next adventure.


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