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Curly Maple Top!!!

Tom Norton
About 5 years ago I started on a new dining room table. The plan comes from a FWW article by Christian Beckeworth(sp?). Ok a bit slow!
It is a Shaker style tresle. The base is cherry.
So today we took a ride out to a Amish lumber yard and picked out the Curly Maple 5/4 for the top.
So now for a few questions.
The plan calls for breadboard ends but I really don't like so wondering if a "cleat" underneath is called for? If so what would you suggest?
Now for the finish. Saw a video where the fellow sprayed a brown alcohol base dye stain, then sanded it off leaving color in the figure. Doing this a few times to get where you want to be.
So I am open to all suggestions!!

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