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“Why seek the critique of others?”
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Bruce, a MN Galoot
Not answering for Bill, but for myself.

We seek input from others to answer the question of what else can I do with this? That’s what we do here. I go to galleries and museums to see what has been done, maybe get ideas of what I can do with my next project, find refinements that might give some better perspective than I’ve brought to the current project. I can build pretty much what I want, but I can’t design worth a hoot. My brother once told me that everything I make tends to look like danish modern. I don’t know about that. I’ve seen much of Bills work, clean, straightforward, very well built, not a surfeit of embellishments. Yet, like him, I look for something better, too.

I saw some of your work last year at the gallery at the Baltimore in Asheville. I was very impressed by the designs that would never have occurred to me. That’s what I look for. Someone has to do that thinking. I just wish it could be me.

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