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David Bassett

I just got a response about NIOSH certification. Unfortunately, it came with a legalize restriction on redistribution that makes me uncomfortable just quoting it. (It was probably auto-generated by their mail system, but....)

My understanding is that their testing shows their filters comply with the NIOSH standards, but that NIOSH certifies only full masks, including how they seal to a face. They say they are working on it, but that it is slow going because each mask type, size, strap option, color, and filter option needs to be certified separately.

Because I found, (since my first post,) several old discussions where people say they were told similar things more than two years ago, I am going to assume RZ isn't really that interested in certification. (Just in stringing us along.)

In case they find this thread, I would suggest to them they get one color (black or silver?) certified and leave the fashion colors uncertified. Using the same construction & filters, we could easily extrapolate and their market would be opened to shops where certification is required.

That said, I think I might try the RZ mask for nuisance dust situations hoping it is convenient and more effective than the one I got Woodcraft which doesn't seem to do anything but make my face humid: For serious use, I'll continue to use my (very effective) 3M 1/2 face respirator mask.

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