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Moisture Meter

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
In my question over the weekend about panel shrinkage in a frame and panel bookcase I am making, Ellis asked if I have a moisture meter. I do not.

This got me to thinking about buying one. I looked at a few and remembered why I don't have one - never could justify spending a couple hundred dollars plus for one as a weekend woodworker.

Then I recalled an article from a few years ago where C. Schwarz liked a < $40 meter. He talks about it HERE. Here it is on Amazon .

I realize these cheap meters may not be as durable as a professional model and you can't set them for a specific species of wood. They are probably just 'ball parking' the MC.

I also noticed some pinless cheap ones too. It seems those are more marketed to home inspectors and so on looking for wet walls, plaster, and so on. I don't know.

$200+ is a lot of money for me to spend on a meter. I could be pushed into spending ~$40 though. :b

Does anybody have experience with these low cost moisture meters?
Are they one of those 'you get what you pay for' things?
Maybe I am just over thinking the problem at hand...

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