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Made me look it up . . .

Bob Lang
I hadn't yet read the issue, but went and checked it out. I didn't find it too curmudgeonly or anti-hand tool. I think his point is that romanticizing the use of hand tools shouldn't be a part of making a living making stuff out of wood, although there are times when the best or fastest way to accomplish a task is the use of a hand tool. Anyone earning a living making quality stuff knows this.

When I was learning the trade in the 1970s & 1980s a skilled cabinetmaker was expected to be adept at both machine setup and use and hand work. The skill is in the judgment of what tool to use to get the nicest work out the door as soon as possible in any given situation. There was no question or debate about moral or mental superiority of either method.

But the debate does sell books, magazines and generates web site traffic.

Bob Lang

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