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Re: The hand tool debate rages on...... *PIC*

John in NM
This reminds me of a process I have to do now and then, cutting small round grooves in a part I make & sell for rifles - copying an old surplus part. They are kind of like flutes on a spindle, but with vent holes between each groove.

I've used a milling machine & a Legacy mill, and its always difficult at least. Lots of set up, never get the radial angle just right, never quite deep enough at one end without being too deep at the other, etc.

Sunday I was at that point in a custom project, and debating bringing it in to use a mill at work, but instead picked up a tiny round carving chisel and figured I'd give it a try. Best results I ever achieved, and the ~hour it took was probably about as much as all the set up, fussing, recutting, etc I've had to do with machines. Its so much simpler to just guide the chisel carefully than to be sure of all the alignment before starting a cut on a mill.

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