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Re: The hand tool debate rages on......

Hank Knight
Bill, I couldn't agree more. I'm not a hand tool purist but I do rely on hand tools for a lot of tasks. I am not interested in getting hot and sweaty dimensioning rough stock with hand tools. I have machines for that. But when it comes to close fitting and finishing surfaces, hand tools beat machines hands down. I can't imagine shaving .001" from, a joint with my table saw or my jointer. But it's snap with a plane. Tuning mortise and tenon joints is grist for the hand tool mill, but not for power tools. By the time I set up my Leigh dovetail jig and consult the instruction manual, I could have cut a dozen dovetails with a saw and a chisel. I'm not about to give up my machines, but I'm not about to give up my hand tools either.

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