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The hand tool debate rages on...... *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"My Mind is Made UP"
Lead editorial in Woodshop News by curmudgeon John English. He advises in this national magazine, "once that plane is sharp and true, put it on a shelf and don't let it waste any actual shop time". There are other pearls of wisdom, too numerous to quote. On the next page is an article on the North Bennet School, sending students out into the world of professional furniture builders with sharpened planes, and the knowledge to use them. One of these philosophies is just wrong.

I am not a hand too enthusiast and barely proficient at elementary hand tool tasks. But I don't know how I could build furniture without hand tools. Case in point. Daughter wanted three tables built over the course of a weekend visit. Better believe I was motivated by efficient use of shop time. After sawing the tapered legs the saw tooth marks needed to be removed for eventual finishing. Often one and at most a few quick passes with a plane and the surfaces were ready for varnish. Beat that Mr. English.

When it came time to band the tile on plywood top the miters were perfectly fit with a shooting board and plane. I can't reliably remove 0.010" of banding length with a chop saw. With a plane I can remove 0.002" increments of length until the fit is perfect. Others results may differ.

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