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Re: Making taper legs with Latta jig *PICS* *PIC*

William Duffield
Using the fixed miter slots significantly limits the thickness of the legs that the jig will accommodate. For most legs, however, the fence is adjusted so the edge of the saw kerf is flush with the left edge of the jig.

Here are some pics of mine, also based on Steve Latta's design. Some details are different, but the basic idea is identical to Bill's. All previous table saw leg tapering jigs made me so uncomfortable I always found a different way to taper legs. I've used a jointer, bandsaw and jointer, bandsaw and bench plane, and bench plane alone. Now I do not hesitate to taper them on the table saw. It's quick, safe, accurate, precise and highly recommended.

The mortises in front of the stop block are to make it adjustable, so you can move it forward to hold short legs. It's curious why I added them, since I don't do coffee tables. I also don't remember why I made the tote position adjustable.

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