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Making taper legs with Latta jig *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Daughter requested 3 tables to set plants on. Simple tables with 4 tapered legs and an inset tile top. Lots of ways to make tapered legs- free-hand saw and plane, on the jointer or table saw with jig. Only one way to make them quick and safely, only had day and half to work on them while she was here, the Latta jig.

One can be sawed in much less than a minute with trivial jig set up time. They will all be identical. Leg is held securely. Jig is captured against saw fence. Hands are safely out of harm's way. Reliable.

Not obvious from picture is a screw whose point sticks through the back block and pricks into the end of the leg to help hold it. Also jig is captured by a fence that is clamped to the saw fence.

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