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Leg shape decision made on Petrified table *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

One of these choices with the second preferred. This is an easy build so I may do both and put some other top on one and the rock on the other.

On the drawing board I was attracted to the leg with the compound curve. When I darkened it and hung the drawing on the wall I found it interesting but unattractive. It is the kind of shape I would have done early in my woodworking when I thought "interesting" was the goal, but not now. I am striving for elegant and usually less is more in this quest.

I have an artist friend in MN who occasionally designs Arts and Crafts furniture. I asked her input on choices. Her artistic assessment was- heavy leg at top would draw the eye to the rock top, a good thing. Heavy leg at bottom (choice 2) conveyed a sturdy base for the rock atop. She preferred #1 and then changed her mind to #2.

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Leg shape decision made on Petrified table *PIC*
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