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Tom, how will you use it?

John K Jordan
>>>Forget a disk sander and, if you insist on building something, create a vertical belt sander instead.

Like many things in the shop, how you use it might make a difference. I have three disk/belt sanders of various sizes. The one I use the most has a 10" disk and a 6" belt. I tried the belt vertical and far prefer it horizontal for what I use it for.

But the 10" disk sander works better than the disk for several things I commonly do.

Another one has a 6" disk and a 1" belt. I prefer the belt in the vertical position, again for what I usually do with it. (It's easy to switch)

I though about making one for the lathe and the slow speed is appealing, but it seems the dust would be a problem. The 10" disk/6" belt has pretty good dust collection with a 4" port.


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