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Disc sander- homemade? ()

The only one I have "made" was one I made for my table saw. I just installed the blade backward, and used spray adhessive to attach the paper. Worked great, but all I was sanding were stations for canoes so the max thickness was about 3/4". Later I bought a steel plate that was designed to be used in a table saw, and didn't have any teeth on it. And then later still I got one of those combo sanders. They are so cheap that I don't know why one would build one, which is pretty much what one can say about any project with China upstream.

The deal is you want something stiff, so normally they are say 1/2" aluminum plate, or probably a casting. If you look at what Al plate costs around here, it is probably cheaper to buy a second hand sander.

There are a lot of big faceplates for lathes, that would work, but you would need the capability to transition them to whatever shaft you are using. I have metal lathes and milling machines, so I don't have a problem there.

Disc sanders are great, because the surface rotates at different speeds down to 0 in the center, it a dynamic fence were you can index off the slow material and cut on the fast. There is this one guitar maker whose whole production line is about half disc sander jigs.

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