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Groove in long posts

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I am making a bookcase for my son. It is being constructed with frame and panel construction very similar to the one in the FWW #161–Jan/Feb 2003 Issue.

There are 4 posts that are 1-5/8 square by about 54" long that need a groove for the panels. The groove is stopped and is 5/8" wide by 3/8" deep. I was going to use a Freud dado set in my TS. I marked my aux fence where the blade starts and marked the posts where I want to stop the groove (it will be squared up with a chisel ).

This means I will need to reach over and stop the TS once the mark on the post lines up with the mark on the post.

Is this the right/safe way to do this? This is the way the author did it but the method was glossed over in the article. (I suppose I could use a router & table but I don't have the proper 5/8" router bit.)

The picture below is my setup less a feather board that will be placed ahead of the blade.

Hope I've explained well enough what I am doing.

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