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Tony - Memphis
I never wait! I give it a day or two,then go at it. Let me qualify...I never use pore filler, never after "like glass" finish, etc. I really like the feel of a finish that has been rubbed out with 0000 steel wool and then waxed. Nice sheen too. This works for me with various poly's and so called "oil" finishes, etc. Test out whatever you'd like to do and see if it works. I use a lot of Minwax wipe on - usually after about 4 coats, I am ready to rub and wax. I also steel wool between coats. Oh, and I usually work with mahogany, cherry, and maple. And I use a shop vac to remove dust followed by a tack cloth. For reference, my shop is around 65° ish in the winter and 75° in summer. I run a dehumidifier in summer (set @ 50%). Probably TMI, but I guess my point is that it is not critical. Good luck with it.

I just finished a mahogany project and after the last coat, it felt good, so I didn't bother with the wool and wax treatment.


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