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Re: How long.

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey

Since you're using an oil finish, you've got to allow for a full cure before a rub-out. As oil finishes cure they shrink down and thin out on the wood surface. What might start out as a 3 mil coating when initially dry may well end up as a 1.5 mil final film. This becomes specially important with an open pore wood that hasn't been fully "filled". What rubs out to a glass smooth surface may show all the grain again after a month. An unfilled open pore piece may wind up showing little specks of bright gloss at the bottom of the pores while the rest of the piece is satin.

Any rub-out's success depends on leveling the film first. Dust nubbies and faint brush marks (or orange peel from spray) will show up as bright little rings or lines.

One big benefit to the new waterbornes that I spray is their ability to level. I used to rub out my finishes but no more as the surfaces I get now are quite acceptable "off-the-gun".

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