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John in NM
The router will probably not benefit from milling machine techniques, as they are nowhere near so inflexible and stable as a mill.

I've cut a lot of wood on a milling machine, and you can get away with stuff you'd never try with a router. The bit spins much slower, at least in the one I was using, max speed was about 3,400 rpm. So you could then slow the feed down without burning the wood. Due to the lead screw feed and usually a very consistent power feed as opposed to hand cranking, you could take heavy cuts without unduly loading the bit so there was no deflection to speak of. They also have true hp motors that routers do not - a 3 hp mill is vastly more powerful than a 3 hp router.

Most of what I was doing was using a 7/8" ball cutter designed for wood. I've not used so many bits designed for metal on wood, but a carbide endmill intended for aluminum work should have similar cutting angles as for wood.

So in a nutshell, stick with the step cuts with the router and don't worry about wearing the bit unevenly. The important thing is the results of the cut, not getting maximum and even wear out of the bit - bits are cheap compared to wood, at least out here where the wood has to come across the country.

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