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Routing a slot question? ()

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
Apples and oranges, totally different materials, operations and tools.

In metal working if cutting with a small bit, I used to mill by lowering the bit into the stock to full depth (using the mill stop), raising the bit, moving the stock a bit, and repeating until the majority of the material in the slot was removed, then and only then moving the bit through the slot with it fully lowered.

The milling bits are called "End mills"!

Almost all of my wood bits have carbide cutting surfaces, so the "dulling" you speak of is not a major factor in normal woodworking.

I normally cut slots on my router table (as you do) if possible, or using a guide on the rotor or clamp on guide on the material. If I have a lot of repetitive cuts I sometimes use my table saw with a Dado saw blade.

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