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Re: Felder A7-51 Jointer Advice Needed!!

Hank Knight
Thomas, I realize that you have already decided to take a pass on this machine. Nevertheless, I thought I would contribute this bit of experience. As I'm sure you know, Felder also makes the less expensive Hammer brand. I bought a used Hammer A3-31 12" jointer planer combo machine with straight knives. I had planned to put a new spiral segmented cutter head in it. I called the Felder/Hammer service people here in the US and inquired about how difficult the transition would be. They strongly discouraged me from doing it myself. They told they could send a service representative to do the job - or fix what I'd screwed up - and quoted me some outrageous per diem for a service visit. I don't recall how much it was but it was in the multiple hundreds of dollars (I'm thinking $800/day). I still have the straight knives.

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