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Yet another set of options
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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Ellis, I agree. I've just been tossing out ideas. It's really interesting how such an apparently simple piece can become complicated when the material changes (in this case to solid wood). And how ways there are to do this.

These are a cross post from SMC, where these photos were posted ...

This offers two other options: dovetails (with mitred ends) followed by rounding, and a rounded mitred end. In each, the inside receives a filler, which is hollowed.

It's a toss up between the dovetailing, or simply mitering the ends and rounding them. The latter allows the grain to flow around the sides and top, while the former is interesting in a different way (I like this one).

Irony is, the nephew has acknowledged that they like a square end as well, and would enjoy either. Decisions.

Regards from Perth


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