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Consider expectations

Ellis Walentine
Derek, while this could be made to work, there would always be something vaguely wrong about the appearance. We're accustomed to seeing things in a particular orientation -- in this case, the grain orientation of an oblong table top -- so the cross-grain look is going to be visually confounding, whether you articulate it to yourself or not.

I like the idea of making the entire piece of solid wood, with the corners built up of short-grain blocks so that the grain will run around the entire table and you won't have to worry about expansion/contraction issues. The top, bottom and ends will lend plenty of strength to the corner joints.

While the originals were most likely veneered, I can't see this being a reasonable option unless you're okay with the corner blocks being perpendicular to the top and sides. You can't wrap veneer lengthwise around a 3/4" radius.


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