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Barry Irby
I think I said this before, but I opened the can of Varithane to check it out with every expectation it would be ruined, some sort of glop in the can. Not so, it was like new, no scum, no thickening, no sediment. I was surprised. I coated two test pieces with it and it cured exactly as I expected. So I have used it.

The first coat did not cure well or thoroughly, but Bill pointed out that I was correct in pointing to the temperature in the shop, probably around 55 degrees. Since then I have turned the temp up to unpleasantly warm, probably around 75 and it has cured nicely.

If there are any aluminum oxide particles in the mix they are too small for me to see. Must be very fine. Also can't feel them on the surface. There has been no sediment in the bottom of the can, even after it sat for several years. I stirred it gently to avoid incorporating bubbles but found nothing in the bottom.

Had there been any degradation of the finish or the test pieces did not cure as I expected I would not have used it.

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