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Kurt Kiesel
I have been reading all the wonderful knowledge that is so freely given on this forum for a couple of years and have never felt compelled to chip in. Probably because I would be like a kindergartner talking to graduate students but here goes. I to cure somethings in the house as Nebraska winters can be brutal, or beautiful often in the same day. I learned a hard lesson about where to allow this to happen, if the off gassing happens to find its way to your hot water heater you may find yourself taking a cold shower. Several years ago I finished a small project in the basement of my home and almost immediately began having water heater problems. Turns out they have a sensor that I suppose is designed to keep a person from blowing themselves up in the event of a gas leak and they can be sensitive to about any type of fumes. Luckily my plumber is a friend and busy enough to walk me through the fix and wholesale me the sensor so a couple of buck, a few cold showers and I learned a lesson.

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