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Sgian Dubh
""Add a lipping the front and back edges. " I don't understand what you mean by lipping."

Bill, you mentioned edgebanding in your reply, which is essentially the same as lipping. The way I think of it is that edgebanding is usually quite thin, say, the thickness of a piece of veneer up to perhaps 3 - 4 mm thick, whereas lipping is more substantial: lipping could be anywhere from about 4 -6 mm thick to maybe 50 mm or so, i.e., something to which you could conceivably add reinforcement, e.g., biscuits, slit feather (loose tongue), T&G, etc.

"What could be done about the crude looking drawer?"
A more attractive grain selection for the front, ranging through a solid wood option to maybe veneered and book matched or quartered? Get rid of the rectangular cut-out used for the finger pull and replace with a touch latch and side or undermount slides, even though slides eat up interior space? A U shaped pull to reflect the curved ends of the piece? Change the width proportions somewhat? They're all possibilities, but it's like every other design decision when it comes to marrying practicality with aesthetics … you often can't please everyone. Slainte.

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