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Sgian Dubh
Four pieces of veneered ply or MDF with the grain running longways around the cabinet, add the corner blocks with their interior/exterior profile after accomplishing the joinery, e.g., biscuits, loose tongue, dominos - your choice for grain direction of the corner pieces, although I'd probably prefer to run the long grain around the corner to match the veneered board rather than front to back. Add a lipping the the front and back edges. Create the three openings. Make the drawer. The legset seems to include a rail, so you could join the legs with M&Ts and some compound shoulder lines. That's taken care of it using the KISS principle.

Complex could potentially involve male and female formers, construction veneers, lots of clamps and perhaps a joint (scarfed maybe) hidden somewhere under the drawer box. I don't think I'd want to go there for something that I think is already available off the shelf for reasonable money. I can't recall off hand where I've seen these tables retailed, but I'm pretty sure they're out there.

An alternative might be to buy an already made table, like the Hooper table from (if available where you are) and just add the drawer. That last bit was said somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it would be a relatively cheap and easy way of getting something similar to your images, ha, ha. Slainte.

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