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Seems straighforward
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The inside cove could be cut on one side of a ? x? square piece of stock using the table saw cove cutting process. I would then biscuit or spline these pieces to the top, bottom and ends. Finally shape the outside curve with usual hand tools for this kind of operation.

What will make this all easy is the fact that only the first bit of the inside cove joint will be visible. I would oversize the corner piece just a bit so that it did not fall short of the flat pieces and scrape the joint to perfection for 2" , and less so beyond. Each corner could be scraped dry fit and then just assemble it.

The drawer strikes me as crude and hence unattractive. Your pretty dovetails will be peals on a swine.

The challenge is how to fasten its spindly legs, durably.

Does anyone find this piece attractive? Maybe my taste is flawed. I thought I liked Danish furniture.

These pieces were traditionally built from walnut.

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