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Re: Too soon for that second coat

Barry Irby
The Instructions on the can said to recoat in about 3 to 4 hours and if you waited more than 8 hours to sand between coats. So I thought I was On the cusp of sanding or not sanding, so I sanded.

The other interesting thing was I was going to put on a coat of amber shellac to improve the color of the fuming. (A suggestion made along the way.) I bought a can of Zinzer Amber Shellac and then carefully read the label after I got home with the aid of a magnifying glass. It said not to use it under Moisture Cured Urethane. The Varithane can did not reveal whether it was moisture cured or not. The Amber shellac did not say it was Dewaxed so based on both of those things I was reluctant to use it. I also read the label on their dewaxed Seal Coat and it said not for use under Urethane. So I did not use that either. I also looked at Varithane's Sanding sealer, but it was water based and I was reluctant to use it because I wanted something that would pop the grain and enrich the color. I was also suspicious that sanding sealer would not be as tough as the oil based urethane.

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