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Polyurethane question?

Barry Irby
I wanted a finish tough as nails for the oak table I am building. I have about a 1/3 of a gallon of Varathane semi-gloss. This is floor finish I used on some steps several years ago. The type that has aluminum Oxide particles in it for wear resistance. When I opened the can I was amazed to find the contents looked as good as new. No scum, no thickening, Perfect. I put the first coat on last night and this morning it was still a bit soft. I agonized, but went on with the second coat.

I think the shop may have cooled down to Maybe 55 degrees during the night and that may have impeded the curing.

So, anybody have any experience or words of wisdom? I have turned the temp up to maybe 75. Will it cure out properly? I haven't done the top of the top. I have to turn this elephant over for that and I will once the base is ready. Should I buy a new can for the top?

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