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Couple options
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Drawer mounting question ()

Ellis Walentine
Side-hung drawers are certainly one way to go, but here are a couple options just to add some food for thought:

- Bottom-hung drawers. The drawer bottoms extend some distance, say 1/4", from the sides of the drawers, and they slide in grooves in the case sides.

- Runners. Instead of side-hung runners, position them between the drawer sides. This has the advantage of not having to put grooves in the sides. You can lay out and clamp your entire stack of drawers and runners on the case side, and just screw the runners to the sides. I like to make the drawer sides the full depth of the cabinet and build the back of the drawer a few inches forward. This way you can pull the drawer out to fully expose the contents, while the back few inches of the sides are still firmly supported between the runners.


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