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LED troffer lights ()

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
When I have compared LED shop light to T8's the T8 provided substantially more light per fixture or lamp. For most of us the cost of electricity to light our shop is insignificant. Hence, what we should be buying are the most lumens of our spectral preference for the buck.

Looking at the lamp surface is an unreliable way to determine light output to the bench. Looking at the metrics on the lamp is the reliable way to determine which provides more light. Better yet, a light meter on the bench measures what is important.

What is the "lumen" output of the LED lamp or fixture? Typical T8's are in the range of 2900-3100 lumens per lamp, so a 4x4' toffer yields about 1200 lumens.

For my money the high output T5 lamps are the way to get an adequate 200 foot candles on the bench surface. I am skeptical enough LED fixtures can be hung above the bench to reach this level of lighting. (Outside in the shade is about 500 foot candles for comparison. )

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