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Re: Will this clothes rack design work?

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
1. Don't drill pole hole through the side so as to have a clean side appearance.

2. Select lumber for sides to have an attractive grain pattern, ideally 3 or 4 boards with "vees" nearly centered.

3. If finishing natural use a water based acrylic. It won't yellow. Oil based finished will yield an ever darkening yellow that I don't find attractive.

3. Your proposed construction is sufficiently robust and atrtactive. You won't have a happy time dovetailing ash. It is hard and I don't fined ring porous woods to be easy to scribe. But it will come out ok.

4. You could set a back into a rebate below the bottom shelf. Make this shelf high enough to accommodate shoes beneath. Arc it slightly so its center is off a possibly humpy floor.

5. Pegs below the rod will be a useful addition. It is more handy to hang some things in use off a peg than a hanger.

6. Post a PIC of finished product.

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