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Thanks all...and

Barry Irby
The reason this is some heavy is I asked my DIL what she wanted and she sent me a picture of the British reproduction table built of reclaimed timber. The smallest on they made was 84" by 52" with a 2" thick top and 6 x 6" legs.

I have some QSWO I had sawn from a tree that fell on one of my rental houses. (That's sort of reclaimed isn't it?)

I have reduce the top to 80 by 48" with her permission and I made the top 1" thick because that is what I had. I am considering Laminating and additional thickness around the perimeter of the frame. I weighed the top today it came in at 88 lbs. Adding the lamination will push it up over a hundred pounds I am sure.

I am making the legs hollow but the corners are heavily chamfered, so the stock on two sides will be an inch.

I stopped at Fastenal today and I can get 5/8 square head bolts 7" long. Let the Engineering begin.

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