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Tony - Memphis
Sorry, but we are in a woodworking void here! We've had a few decent wood places over the years, but there isn't much left other than the shop mentioned above and it ain't much (and very high prices). Actually, that's one of the reasons the wife and I are considering leaving this area. She's an artist and there isn't much of that around here either. We'd like to live somewhere that better supports our interests and habits. (That may be "over the rainbow," but its fun to dream).

I mail order all my wood and that's not a great situation, but I make it work. I'm sure the UPS guy hates me!

I guess these things are relative. Others may have different opinions! Depends on what you are looking for.

On the other hand, we live in a burb called Bartlett which is a very nice city and very well managed. There are several nice burbs.

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