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Will this clothes rack design work? *PIC*

Don Goodwin
My daughter would like a free standing clothes rack for her apartment. Would the below design work or will it have a tendency to rack? Because the sides are "hourglass" shaped, there is no back planned. I'm planning on attaching the top shelf with half-blind dovetails and the lower shelf (about 14" from the floor) with sliding dovetails. The material will be 5/4 ash. The overall height will be around 6'-4"; the overall width will be around 36"; and the overall depth will be around 23". The closet pole will be centered on the depth and below the top enough to fit a hanger. I'm hoping the hourglass shape will be more visually appealing than a box shape, but I'm concerned that without a back, it will not be stable when loaded with clothes.

For the sliding dovetails on the shelf, I like the approach that Bill Tindall takes with having the bottom be flat and the top have the dovetail. Would that work for this application or do I need to plan on full sliding dovetails?

Thank you in advance for your help

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