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Case molding, bottom *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

The molding for the bottom of the chest of drawers is shown in a mock-up in Picture 1. The "ledge" that the two upper pieces of molding sit on will be attached to the case bottom (and that will sit on bun feet). I have been fretting how to install the shelf piece. In addition to all the usual mitered molding requirements, it must wind up projecting from the case side just the right amount to accommodate the molding piece that sits atop it.

I employed my extensive clamp collection to install stop blocks that would index this piece to yield the desired projection from the side of the case. The piece is glue and will be screwed.

As it stands it is vulnerable, but the molding the sits on it will strengthen the assembly.

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Case molding, bottom *PIC*
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