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more on the chair repair *PIC*

john lucas
I used the paper joint scarf joint to do this. I worked really well. The side rail is virtually invisible. The front rail the joint must have twisted very slightly and so the glue line shows a little. It will be mostly covered by the seat weaving so no problem. What I did was cut the scarf joint in the square stock. I drilled and drove a finishing nail into the joint just past the glue line. Put the paper in and glued it together. Then pulled the nail back out. Turned the spindle. Split the joint by driving a thin knife in the glue line. Then put the nail back in so it just stuck below the surface. This helped me get the joint aligned. I used bicycle inner tubes to clamp the joint. wrapped them tightly and thought that would align them. It almost did. Not bad but not perfect. I pulled the nail back out and filled the hole.

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more on the chair repair *PIC*
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