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Jim Dillon
Welcome to WoodCentral! First, I second what Stephen said and that is to first focus on your studies. Secondly, without knowing more about your interests, buy a copy of Fine Woodworking (FWW) and/or Popular Woodworking (PWW) magazines and peruse them. Don't be intimidated (as I was) by the projects. But the projects described in those two mags will give you an idea of what some "woodworkers" do. The "Gallery" section of FWW will give you exposure to a variety of finished projects - some in different media. PWW has a section on developing basic woodworking skills called "I Can Do That" or something like that. While many of those projects involve "flat wood", a whole other area of woodworking involves turning wood on a lathe. At your stage, basic projects like book shelves, a study desk, gifts etc. are very doable, if you have access to some woodworking tools. Are you in an area with a local woodworking club? That would be an excellent way to see what woodworkers do and get good advice. As a side note, the great thing about woodworking is that the tools/skills/confidence you acquire along the way transfer to many future home/apartment/whatever projects that will pop up over time. Please get back to us with more questions as you explore what is out there. Hope this helps. Jim

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