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More bed/headboard questions...

Barry Irby
I am still thinking about the bed I want to build for my grandson. This will be a adult bed for him, he's only 3 months old, but I figure if I wait for him to grow up, I may not make it, in either sense.

Am considering a starburst pattern in QSWO. A queen sized bed with a large "fan" in the head board. My first thought was to glue up the fan out of tapered pieces and sand it flat and install it in a frame in the headboard.

Second thought was to make the pieces individual with Vee grooves on the edges and align them with Dominoes but not glue them to each other.

Third thought was to resaw the QSWO, either T&G it or ship lap it and install it in the frame loosely.

I have a head board I made many years ago, much simpler, but like the third version and it has held up well in continuous use since I slapped it together thirty some years ago. The pieces are loose enough to rattle a bit.

The new version includes and arched top and the fan will originate in one lower corner. I am considering installing a quarter circle of Yellow Wood (the sun) in the corner. On the foot board, I am considering making the quarter circle out of something white (maple?) to be the moon in the opposite lower corner.

I would appreciate your thoughts, I know we discussed this before, but life has gotten in the way and I am screwing up my courage to the sticking point get started.

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