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Life Cycle bee questions/observations

Barry Irby
I am replacing the windows in my house. On the north side I pulled the trim off and removed the old window. Then I rip the old cedar trim down and use it as filler under the new window. This time I hit a tunnel made by wood boring bees, what I call bumble bees. At least 19 bees came out. I know that because I killed 15 and at least four got away.

The tunnel was about 24 inches long and the bee drilled straight into end grain and stayed abut 1/16 to 1/8" from the surface. I knew the bees were working on the north/coller side of my house. I always thought the female drilled the holes and deposited several larva in there and then they would hatch and emerge. It never occurred to me there would be a whole colony of them in a single hole.

Anybody know more about this than I do? The next step is to install vinyl siding. Any thoughts on eliminating the bees?

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