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Re: West Australian Woodshow 2018

roger lance
Derek.....thanks for the pics.....I've never been to a show like this where so many used tools are available (you've influenced me to buy LV hand tools new)......

Given the simple laws of gravity and balance, the winning table can be nothing but tipsy......practicality must not be a priority judging criterion.....thus, "studio furniture" can be getting awarded and pieces that would be functional in a real life living environment can be overlooked and dismissed.

The side board is arts and crafts.....something from the Stickley school......and, as such, practical and destined for a long life in someone's dining room.....but, was not the challenge to make as your curved piece was.

That folding screen appears to be beautiful.....and a challenge to design and make with all the inlay......and possibly practicle if you need a screen in your home or have a spot for an interesting artifact.

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