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Schlage can be either way
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Tim Greif - West of Chicago
schlage locksets can be either way, depending on model and age. I have 30 year old Schlage locks on my home with the turn-tab lock on the inside. You turn the tab horizontal to lock. These open from the inside and do not unlock the turn-tab. So you can get locked out if you close it without turning the lock tab from horizontal to vertical.

My river cottage has newer Schlage and Dexter (Schlage's less expensive line). The Schlage has a turn tab lock that automatically unlocks when opened from the inside. The Dexter won't even let you open the lockset from the inside until you unlock it. And the turn-tab is backward from the Schlage, even though it's made by Schlage (or at least owned by them). Schlage = horizontal tab = locked. Dexter = vertical tab = locked. I'm going to switch out the Dexter to a Schlage to avoid confusion and get them keyed alike.

Point being, you need to check the locks you intend to buy to confirm how they operate.

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